A Glimpse....A Prophetic Message

By Pastor Steven Pereira |  May 29, 2014

Written by: Pastor Steven Pereira 5/27/14 5:45 AM

Joel 2:28 (KJV)
28  And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
I began to rise above the crowd. Whether in my body or outside of my body, I could not tell.
The electricity charged the very atmosphere. It became even difficult to breath.

A large shout from the heavens erupted and a voice shouted “Behold!” The voice was as thunder, so many were confused.

When my ascension above the earth ceased, I surveyed the land and saw a multitude of afflictions.

People everywhere, as far as, the eye could see. Their moaning’s and murmuring’s slowly lifted into the heavens, and The Spirit of The Living God began to weep.

Black clouds began to form in the heavens with roars of thunder. The darkness was great. Then a heavenly host of God’s anointed Cherubim swept in from nowhere and they shouted “Thanks be to God for He is Faithful that Promised!” At first quietly then the shouts began to roar!

Then a voice like thunder spoke, “MAN OF GOD SPEAK LIFE OVER THESE DEAD MAN BONES!”
I was overwhelmed in the presence of The Lord. I was frozen in His presence. It was as if time stood still, for how long, I could not tell.

Then from inside my belly an anointing that was as fire began. Like sipping a hot cup of coffee or soup, but only in reverse. This power rose from within me. Then from my mouth something from the Lord Himself was imparted.

I was dazed and amazed at the heavenly display.  The voice of thunder spoke again, “MAN OF GOD! SPEAK!”  At that instant, the power of God enveloped me, like being hit by a bolt of lightning.  My arms jolted over my head and out towards the afflicted crowd.  Then as loud as I could I shouted, “BE HEALED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!” 

Immediately a bright ray of light pierced out through the dark clouds and illuminated my entire body.  Its warmth comforted me.  I was consumed by perfect peace from head to toe.  Then the beam of light began to grow larger. When the light finally touched the earth, the voice from above thundered, “BEHOLD, THE MIGHTY RIGHT HAND OF THE LORD!”  An impression of a huge hand pressed through the dark clouds above me. I saw the hand of the ever-living God!

I began to weep with joy at this mighty sight and shouted, “THERE IS POWER AVAILABLE!”
And slowly as the rays of light began to shine on the people, one by one, they began to rise up. Those in wheel chairs rose up and began to walk, as they did their wheel chairs disintegrated right before my eyes. And so it was with every assisted devise. Legs and arms grew out right from under their prosthetic devices, and they too disintegrated never to be seen again. The sound of deaf ears popping filled the heavens, and the mute spoke and sang praises to God.

A Cherubim approached me and whispered in my ear, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD!”
Riveted I watched as the people began to rise up from their afflictions and began to Praise The Lord singing in a loud chorus “THANK YOU LORD!”

What power as the afflictions of the people were removed. I surveyed the land again, and what was once depressing and sad was now filled with love and great rejoicing! All the people stood before the hand of The Lord with arms raised high in adoration singing, “Thank you Lord!”

Them my alarm clock woke me up. I got up too fast then laid back down in wonder, “Did this really happen?” It felt so real. I began to start my day but the Spirit insisted I document the dream. Every time I read it out loud I cry like a baby. There is power in this dream that will touch you in some aspect of your life.

I pray it touches you with a glimpse of the reality of our faith, our God and heaven!

Be Blessed Church!

Loving God & His People,
Pastor Steven Pereira
Lead Pastor of Together With Christ Church