My Story...

Pastor Cindy Pereira, Co-Pastor & Founder
cell: 732-330-9243
Twitter: TWCC_LT
By the grace of God, I was saved at the tender age of 18. I knew the hand of God was always on my life- even as a child. 

God was always important to me, but I always struggled with his love for me.  I always thought I was insignificant for Him to notice me and to have a close relationship with Him. 

That's everyone's heart cry to God, "I WANT A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU LORD!" I read a book, by Hal Lindsay, called, "The Late Great Planet Earth."  I realized Jesus was returning soon and I needed to change my life. Well, God will meet you at your point of need. I received the Lord, in my bedroom and my life has never been the same.

The Lord put people in my path and in l981 I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I received the call of God on my life when I was 25. I didn't fully understand it,but with God's gentle leading I attended Rhema Bible training center in l991 and graduated in l993 from their Teachers Group. 

God used me to help my pastor in the local church.  It's a great blessing to help the man or woman of God to reach their goal and vision that God has given them. 

I met my husband of l6 years in l996. I'm so glad that I waited and didn't compromise my beliefs, "just to be married." I waited patiently for the right man. Well, God always gives us our hearts desire and I was married on September l997.

My husband is the greatest gift, besides receiving the Lord into my life.  I will always be forever grateful to the Lord for His abundant grace and gift of love. 

I look forward to serving my Lord and Savior in this new capacity, until He comes! And when He arrives I will hear His tender words,"WELL DONE THY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!"

God has also blessed us with a beautiful boy. Steven Jr., our son is such a blessing to us and adds so much life and fun.  In 2006, we found out that Stevie is Autistic, but that doesn't stop us from believing in God's healing power.  We believe Stevie  is healed, whole, and strong in the name of Jesus!  Just another reason to prove THE WORD OF GOD IS TRUE AND IT WORKS!

We would love to meet you and share our hearts with you.